Fandango represents a group of international investors to find and evaluate Film and Television projects in which to invest cash and production services or a combination of both.

Mr Moon

Co-produced with Sparky Animation Pte. Ltd. and Title Entertainment Mr Moon is based on a charming series of books by British author and illustrator Kate Veale. The series comprises 26 half-hours, made up of 52 7-minute stories and 52 3½-minute interstitials recounting the intergalactic adventures of Mr Moon, who is charged with lighting up the night sky every evening so his friend Sunny can rest. Mr Moon’s playground is the sky above us all and his adventures flow from his encounters with the real wonders of the universe—from constellations to galaxies to black holes. Mr Moon was produced in cooperation with Playhouse Disney UK, TVO Kids, Knowledge Network, and SCN. It is also being aired in Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea, and Malaysia. It is distributed by Sparky Entertainment PTE

Fleabag Monkeyface

Fandango’s Daniel Slight worked closely with Impossible Kids in raising £2.75m for this series. Fleabag Monkeyface is a fast-paced and fearsomely funny animated series from Impossible Kids, Walker Productions and Sparky Animation. The 52×11? series is aimed at 6 to 11-year olds with a love of gross humour (so that’d be all of them then). Daniel Slight is an Associate Producer on this show. A second season is currently negotiated.


‘Olly the Little White Van’ is an exceptionally high quality preschool series for children, animated in 3D HD. Launched on ITV in the UK in 2011, it is currently in over 40 markets worldwide and over 15 languages.

Daniel Slight CEO Fandango Productions raised 40% of the series budget in six months for production company Olly Ltd. to produce a further 52 episodes of this charming pre – school property.

Fandango are handling storyboarding and pre viz and Daniel is Executive Producing.

Henry Becket CEO Olly Ltd. Executive Producer and creator of the show said…. “we’ve been seeking the most effective way – both in terms of creativity and affordability – to create two new seasons of Olly, and thanks to Daniel’s skills and connections have come up with a clever scheme. We will be combining the best of UK creativity and production skills with a major animation and production resource in Chennai to deliver the next phase in Olly’s development, and are very excited about the potential.”

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