Fandango provides a complete range of production services including concept development, script, pre production, storyboarding, animation, VFX, post production, production management, and post production.

London 2012

Against solid competition, we won the contract to design, direct and produce the films for the Olympic and Paralympic handover ceremonies for London 2012

Our 1 min 15 second film kicked off the opening ceremony setting the tone and spirit of the London Olympiad and was viewed by a global audience of over 2 billion

Martin Green Head of Ceremonies said. “the team won the tender against diverse and stiff competition. We are delighted to be working with them on this unique project as their design solutions capture the wider spirit of the shows we are producing.”

For the first round of the pitch we produced a 6ft long tapestry style storyboard we call a moodstream (it’s a great piece of wall art in our studio now). The films are a combination of live action, 3D animation and After Effects all produced in our London studio.

ADD Crusher

We completed over 90 minutes of graphics and animation and sound design to brand, reinforce and enhance the first two programmes in the ADD Crusher series. San Diego and New York based writer/producer Alan Brown who created and presents the shows was looking for cutting edge and complimentary styling and editing to emphasise and enhance the behavioural messages and strategies in the shows. We worked together over two months on this challenging and rewarding project. Alan said “We searched on both U.S. coasts and in-between and could not seem to find a strong post-production company with strong IDEAS to bring these videos to life the way we knew they could be. Then we found the team at Fandango These two videos are the first in what we plan to be a long series. I dare say that in five or fewer years, lots of people with be familiar with the ‘Crusher brand’, and to the extent that will be the case, we’ll have those guys in large part to thank for that…”

TV promotion for CNN/Philips

TV promotion for CNN/Philips “The Heart’s Journey”?CLIENT: Turner Commercial Productions for Philips We were briefed to use a design palette and animation style to reflect the sense and?simplicity brand positioning of Philips, explaining how a device can transmit essential ECG information ahead of a patient, in an engaging and involving way. We designed and animated simple characters and objects using the Philips colours in Saul Bass inspired scenes to create a fluid and playful animation with seamless transitions between the scenes. The whole animation was created in Flash.

Origami Hen

The team at Fandango produced a 30 second animation entitled Origami Hen for Specific Media and their client Compassion in World Farming The brief was to produce a video highlighting the cruelty of battery hen farming. We conceived, scripted, animated and produced a poignant and powerful 3D animation highlighting this shameful global issue.


Householding™ simplifies the digital landscape by connecting brands to the multi-screen home through a single source of delivery We created a animated video to show Specific Media’s clients how it works.

Abu Dhabi Museum Experience

The team at Fandango designed and produced a two-stage experience that creates an instant and tangible response to lifestyle decisions made in daily life. It was conceived as the finale of a larger museum exhibition in Abu Dhabi and used a combination of interactive flash game design and hi end 3D Computer Animation. The whole exhibition revolves around the future of Abu Dhabi’s environment and the impact that the life choices made by its inhabitants will have on its future environment in terms of pollution, resource levels, and the population’s wellbeing. We created three interactive games where decisions could be made which would directly influence what each participant experienced at the end of their visit. The decisions or choices were tracked using individual RFID cards and determined two further events known as the Conclusion Experience. The Conclusion Experience was made up of two parts. Firstly an immersive flythrough through a version of Abu Dhabi in 2050 dictated by each individual’s decision driven score, and finally a group experience of a flyover Abu Dhabi based on collated group choices made in the games.

Perimeter Institute BrainSTEM: Your Future Is Now Festival

Fandango were asked to create opening sequence to introduce Lucy Hawking’s keynote speech for this prestigious festival. We filmed Professor Stephen Hawking in a lecture theatre in Cambridge University against a portable green screen and attached a jet pack to his wheelchair in 3D then animated him flying through space which he found amusing.

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